Kolkata will kill you

Kolkata will kill you. One wrong move and it will turn your insides out.
Death lurks, resting in places that you can’t avoid; forks, switchs, handles and hands.
At dinner you approach every unfamiliar mouthful with the unblinking suspicion of a wounded fawn.
There are horrors here I don’t understand.
But Sarah does. She has been here with her husband for 5 years and they have spent that time extracting captive
sex workers from the pitiful factory brothels of the Red Light district to join them at their artisan refuge a few blocks away.
They tell us that if a young girl can get a basic education, then it would reduce the chance that she will would be trafficked into a life as a sex slave.
This is an extraordinary statement. Like I said – there are horrors here I really don’t understand.