309: Beginning



I’ve followed those with the grit, the courage to sacrifice and the willingness to be the one who would step up.
I’ve followed those that nurture, tend and rear. And then with a flick of a switch and the draw of a knife, dispatch.
I’ve looked into a thousand eyes and seen heart, life and light and felt the warmth of that, then pointed my camera happily at a darkness entering there, an emptiness that arrives in slow motion.
Abattoir floors run red and warm.
Macabre renderings become inedible and disregarded.
Gasping marine life bludgeoned, weighed and the captor awarded
A young deer dropped in a glade onto dew soaked grass, the dawn cracked open with gun shot,
Neatly trimmed body parts get gastronomic labeling, shipped out to be admired and consumed with gasps of ecstasy and disbelief, that something so delicious could even exist.
I’ve happily pointed my camera at a thousand plates stacked high with love, art and imagination, with no thought to the heart, the breath and the ground that that soul covered.
I’ve lived a life and never thought to consider that all that makes it makes it so.